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Aquaphobia, water, Sunway Lagoon.

  • Afraid of water. 
  • Mei Ling just afraid of deep water, strong waves, swimming pool and can't bear to see a large body of water.
  • Actually, she had been through near - drowning long time ago.
  • So, Ah Chai, you can't blame her for refusing to spend time at Sunway Lagoon.
  • He thought Mei Ling's excuse was just so lame.
  • It's real babe!
  • could you imagine there are some monster living beneath the sea?? 
  • or an enormous devil just wait to pounce any human being that swim in that water??
  • owh, too much negative thought.
  •  Anyway, water is still useful.
  • hey, Mei Ling went to bath twice a day okay!!!

                                                                 victoria waterfalls

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