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I write a lot. Every seconds, every hours, every day, every month. But I realize you won't come back.


Part 1: Allowed her to cry.

I've been told to be happy. To be the one that I used to be. A less frantic girl, full of energy and laugh her heart loud out. Let me tell you something. I will never be her again. 

Sometimes, i missed her. She was the one that you loved. And longing for. Her smile swiped away all your worries. And your ex. She was everything you ever wanted in your life. Having you was a gift that she never imagined.  

Then both of you past those insanely wonderful years. Crazy in love. Addicted to each other. Craving for the passion and lust. Things happen. You both separated. The heartache. All those tears. The missing soul. Teared you and her into pieces. 

She saw you smiling again. In love. With someone else. But still, the term 'friends' being used as an excuse for you to text her. You ruined her motivation to forget you. And you can't bear the consequences and decided to walk away. Again. 

Dear girls in her condition,

This is not the end of your world. Everyone will tell you that you have a pretty face, intelligent and even smokey-hot body that you can replace him in a blink of eyes. You know they are trying to comfort you. And sometimes, you know they are lying. 

No, I won't tell you the same. Because I know all of this won't heal her. Her depression and heartbroken will still there. She used to cry every night and woke up with a puffy eyes and tired. But as you all see, she still alive. 

Take all the time you need. No one understand you more than yourself. 

And she and me allowed you to cry on your bed until one day, the tears will be wipe away by someone who cares about you. 


Mereka yang Menari di Atas Pipiku

Suatu masa yang baharu, aku ingin pulang mendakapmu. 

Memberitahu cerita-cerita semalam kita sesungguhnya hanya dongeng.

Aku mahu berteriak bahawa aku mengasihimu.

Kehidupan maha singkat ini menuntun aku jauh.

Lari aku sendiri.

Menanyakan perihalmu di setiap bibir-bibir sunyi.

Demikian kenyataan yang kau hampar.


Tentang kelibat yang melanggar tulang-belulangku

Bila kita tidak mengingati satu sama lain

Terasingnya perilaku dan tawa yang baik-baik

Kau sering menjamah kehangatan lempeng bersalut telur

di dalam duduk dan cakap-cakap sa-orang Zafirah

mungkin di akhir masa nanti

dirimu kembali menjengah keberadaannya.


Imagine me baby

Berapa lama rasanya kita tidak bersua. Apakah kerna cita-cita atau teriakan mu yang semalam mengulang gundah?. Duh sayang, aku jadi bingung. Seantero persekitaran seakan membingit. Langit menabur sepi. Dan aku masih menanam ubi untuk mengisi kata-katamu biar lebih berisi.

Lewat beberapa minggu sebelum kedatangan Aidiladha, datukku pulang ke rahmahtullah. Aku pikir, ternyata mati kita nanti ditemani iringan kelambu air mata dan doa tidak putus-putus. Datukku, maafkan aku cucumu yang paling tidak sedar diuntung dan disayangi. Aku tidak menjagamu waktu saat-saat genting menyelubungi kita. Kita tahu kita pasti bertemu.Cuma waktunya nanti, tiada siapa tahu.

Berjuta susuk tubuh menjamahi korneaku. Kadang terdetik mahu ke situ. Kadang tiada apa mendatangi keberadaanku. Tidak apa-apa. Kenyataannya, kita sudah siap menerima kata-kata terpaling gundah.

Sebetulnya,harapan itu sudah tinggal harapan.


How we are supposed to be happy

I hugged the winter in you
It shattered away
following my guts

You will never believe
How we slayed each other
during the summertime

I want you to be happy
But my heart ache every time you smile

so tell me

How we are supposed to be happy?


Unsung lullaby in Ipoh - Part 2

We need fresh air and a dose of entertainment. So we decided to go to 'Dataran KTM Ipoh'. You can find musician, kids playing roller blade and remote control cars. It was happening here. We listen to a guy singing various song and it cheers us up. 

b-boys dance 

The singing guy

6 September 2015 

It was unusual morning. We woke up and get ready for another adventure. 'Pasar Karat' is a must go place if you visit Ipoh. As we walked and cross the road, we found plenty of mural and historical buildings. It was a sunny day and freaking hot. Pheuw.

The entrance

Pasar Karat 1 - The luggage 

Pasar Karat 2 - The container 

Pasar Karat 3 - The Old Things 

Pasar Karat 4 - The Lamp 

Pasar Karat 5 - The Pyramid Cupboard 

Pasar Karat 6 - Dulang and Typewriters 

Pasar Karat 7 - The Iron and a little bit of shoes 

Pasar Karat 8 - Tembaga 

Pasar Karat 9 - Melamine 

Pasar Karat 10 - Cakera padat 

Pasar Karat 11 - Kodak 

Pasar Karat 12 - It's all about money 

Pasar Karat 13 - The knowledge 

Pasar Karat 14 - Drunk  

Pasar Karat 15 - The Alien Chair 

Pasar Karat 16 - Kukuq Nyoq 

Pasar Karat 17 - Red Code 

Pasar Karat 18 - Bahulu Mak Awak 

Pasar Karat 19 - Hang Tuah 

Pasar Karat 20 - Kacip 

Pasar Karat 21 - Binokular 

Pasar Karat 22 - Trumpet 

Pasar Karat 23 - Music in your heart 

Pasar Karat 24 - Ada Ning Baizura 

I bought a vintage luggage with only RM40. And I love it!
There, the luggage. thanks to the car. it adds aesthetic value in this picture. hewhew.

After a black and white memory, we check out from the hotel. Today we gonna go to the museum! Yes, I'm excited enough because I love heritage and old stuff.

So we went to Museum Yasmin at Kong Heng. It was small but content enough for a person like Yasmin. 

The signboard.
Inside Yasmin 1

Inside Yasmin 2

Inside Yasmin 3

Inside Yasmin 4 - You can watch all the advertising directed by Yasmin here. 

Inside Yasmin 5 - The movie screening room. They played SEPET during our visit. 

Inside Yasmin 6

Inside Yasmin 7

Inside Yasmin 8 

Inside Yasmin 9 

Inside Yasmin 10 

Inside Yasmin 11

Inside Yasmin 12

Inside Yasmin 13

Inside Yasmin 14

Inside Yasmin 15 

Inside Yasmin 16

Inside Yasmin 17

Inside Yasmin 18 

Inside Yasmin 19 

Inside Yasmin 20 

Inside Yasmin 21 

Inside Yasmin 22

Inside Yasmin 23

Inside Yasmin 24 - Painting by Yasmin 

Inside Yasmin 25

Inside Yasmin 26

Inside Yasmin 27

Inside Yasmin 28 

Her autobiography book.

Landmark to Yasmin at Kong Heng is Kristy Collection. You will find it at the back of this shop. near Plan B area. 

Kristy Collection shop front view.