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I write a lot. Every seconds, every hours, every day, every month. But I realize you won't come back.


Basically Normal, Just A White Confession That My Ears Turns Into A Pair of Rabbit Ears.

Baby, you are secretly creeping into this hole. This is non other than having an apocalypse syndrome. I've told them sooner or later you will come. You never hit anybody. You are a good boy. Did they ask for your forgiveness? That was just rude isn't. Not having conversation with people and being alone in the darkness.

I've been wanting to tell everyone that I've change my ears. It was a complicated procedure but yes, it's worth it. Now,my rabbit ears are hiding safely under my scarf. They are extremely excited to know that you've come. Does it sounds you are valuable thing or I can say prize to us?

Black hole never have any emotion. I saw once my father pull his beloved goat out from it. See, they show insanity and perfect love to meat. Dear, I'm trapped in the big hugs and love from any directions. You lead me to an enormous love and sweet candy. Not to mention an urge to replace my ear accessories. 

Oh my baby, don't ever jump upon me or everything will be ruin.


Does February March, but April May.

I've never got a chance to prepare any farewell speech to April. Probably because April sounds fool and gloom. 

April taught me to wait. To salvage and reserve myself. In order to keep alive and to find happiness. Sometimes all you have to do is faking a happiness in order to find one.

I know I keep comparing my own life to others. To be grateful for what I have now is the main ingredients for me to feel safe. 

So, should I apologize or confess my love?

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