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Top 23 Movies

I'm trying to become normal. To post something more realistic and, well normal. Since this is my 23rd year of living in this world like 'dunia yang fana ini', I'm gonna list top 23 of everything. Not 10, 15 or 25. It's top 23. 

First is top 23 of my favourite movies or dramas . Pardon me if my list is not interesting. I'm just a pre-adult (do we have this term anyway?).

1. 3 Idiots - Admit it. We all love how Aamir Khan became very genius and generous.All is well. 

2. The Reader - Untold love story.

3. Miracle in Cell No.7 - Oh, too many tissues and tears to handle.

4. Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah - Don't know why. I'm not a big fan of malay comedy movie. But this one is a movie with honest comedy.

5. Mukhsin - We does not need big car or big house in order to achieve happiness. Honesty and love were the most important.

6. Perfume The Story of Murderer - This kinda creepy, isn't?

7. My Girl - What? Korean drama feeds me with their cuteness and sweet love story.

8. Gol & Gincu - Recommended for girls with broken heart. You will find courage and also yourself.

9. KAMI The Movie - Some part of their life might be related to me.

10. A Walk to Remember - Hye Landon. You can take me away.

11. Barfi - Bollywood is a must in this list. Cinta sampai mati kata kau dalam cerita ni.

12. Mann - Enjoy the innocent of Manisha Koirala without heavy makeup. All of their song are hits and evergreen.

13. Baadshah - Who did not love Shah Rukh Khan, bae?

14. Gossip Girl - I dream to marry Chuck Bass. 

15. Desperate Housewives - Conflicts grows but we grow tougher.

16. Shrek 1-4 - True love baby. True love.

17. Laskar Pelangi - Don't ever give up in knowledge. Well, the novel series much more touching. 

18. Initial D - The movie consists of chinese hero that I adore. Jay Chou, Edison, and Jordan. Oh, Jay Chou is so cool!

19. Step Up - I love to dance.

20. Fame - Same reason as above.

21. Taare Zameen Par - Another beautiful issue by Aamir Khan.

22. 1 Litre of Tears - Guys, more than 1 litre you would prepare.

23. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta - Cinta hanyalah cinta. Hidup dan mati untukmu. Mungkinkah semua tanya kau yang jawab.

This may be average, but they were all beautiful in their way. 


  1. Some of it I really love.. 1 litre of tears, laskar pelangi, miracle in cell no 7, step up 3 kita tgok kat bukit tinggi masa puasa...

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