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Unsung lullaby in Ipoh - Part 1

Dear oh dear,

Tell me something about Ipoh that you dislike. well,maybe one or two things. But despite that,you will forgot about it when you feel how melancholic and sentimental this city is. 

It was a last minute plan. Two days one night. Me, Ana and Fawa took our train from KL Sentral meanwhile Sap and Gie will waiting for us at Stesen KTM Ipoh. During our two hours ride, we took pictures and giggles. 

Gatai pungkoq duduk lama dalam train.

So we arrived. Took pictures. Sampai pintu masuk tutup and abang polis perli cakap "Hurm, lama sangat tangkap gambar tu," . Fine abang fine. 

Touchdown Ipoh!
You know why I always want to come here?

Because Yasmin Ahmad told me to do so. Let's not waste the time, we had a long day ahead. A lot of plans. A lot of moments need to be captured. 

First, we check in the Hotel Budget. I can't barely remember its name because they had bad customer service. but since we already here, so just bear with it. 

First stop, Restoran Nasi Vanggey!

Yong Suan was one of their branch actually. so worry not. You can choose either to come here or at Yong Suan. 
Not recommended for people on diet. Or vegetarian. Haha.

Mission 1 accomplished!. We decided to go to Ipoh town to find the Muzium Yasmin Ahmad. Unfortunately, we managed to find it after 4pm which is the place was closed already. 
We amused ourself with ais kepal and sending postcards to our house.

Purchase any postcards at Bits and Bobs and free delivery to your hometown! 

Writing to ourself in progress.

Orang Ipoh katanya.hurm.

Some of the postcards that available in Bits and Bobs.
We found our target hipster cafes here at Plan B. Plan B restaurant was surrounded by 3 or 4 new cafes, wall street arts, and handcraft shops. It turns out that Burps  and Giggles, Missing Marbles and Buku Tiga Lima are under the same roof. They are also selling handcrafts and accessories. 

Inside Burps and Giggles 

You should try their pumpkin cake! 

How they decorate their cafe.

The exotic mural inside Burps and Giggles.

Us with our full stomach.
We walked throughout the area and find some other street arts that cute and unique.

Trying to search for Tasik Cermin location,but failed. So we go back to our hotel and took a rest before going out that night.

After pray, we decided to go to Chekodok Reggae located just in front of our hotel. I can say that this place is suitable for people that are looking for a lay back place and decided to have fun. Their decoration I must say, mostly D.I.Y.

The wall 1

The wall 2

Le Bob Marley

Reggae Pizza 

Chicken lasagna 

The buddies yang takkan berpisah. seperti seluar ketat dan kaki gemuk.

Chekodok Reggae 1

Chekodok Reggae 2
After the reggae music and dishes, we headed to The Thumbs cafe. Unfortunately, it's full house. So how  about we try the cafe next door, Karat cafe. They renovated an old house with a lot of antiques and valuable decoration such as old oven, old plate set and many more.

Like the old grandma house. 

Ais kacang everyone?

Rasa dia macam gulai sikit. 

Muka jelaga 

I love typewriter

Dapat tangkap gambar depan kafe jela sebab ramai sangat kat dalam

Part 2 will be released soon.Until then, enjoy this post!

Picture credit to myself,Hafawa,Anafaryana, Norzihan and Safirah.

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